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Fashion Island Hotel
Oak Grill Restaurant


Chef Valles’ menu is bold, creative and elevated. A collaboration between traditional techniques and current cravings. For us, starting fresh means staying local. Ingredients sourced from local farmers and purveyors guarantees Oak Grill’s farm-to-table approach is as fresh as the food Chef Valles is preparing.

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Chef Brittany Valles

Meet the Executive Chef behind Oak Grill: Chef Valles. Chef is originally from Orange County, and is known for working with renowned chefs Michael Voltaggio and Chef Cole Dickenson. She is a strong proponent of sustainability, and using locally-produced ingredients throughout her dishes. She believes in utilizing whole vegetables from stem to root, along with serving a variety of cuts of meat.

Andy De La Cruz

From baking bread and wedding cakes to concocting special cookie doughs, Pastry Chef Andy de la Cruz is multi-talented and loves doing it all. He’s a 20-year hospitality professional responsible for creating all pastries for Oak Grill and Aqua Lounge, as well as Fashion Island Hotel. Andy is especially known for coming up with “personalized artistic desserts” for events. For these creations he puts flavor first and then focuses on presentation—a process that includes teamwork and experimentation with ingredients, colors and shapes to give clients sweet one-of-a-kind endings that are yummy, clever and fun.